The Paris-Dauphine Doctoral School of Management (Edogest) aims to help PhD students in management science research training. It endeavours to improve the working environment of students and to monitor their work as closely as possible through continuous epistemological, theoretical, and methodological support.
The Edogest PhD programme is organised around a series of advanced seminars delivered by teachers/researchers of Paris-Dauphine University, as well as by personalities from other institutions and visiting professors.
With a view to reaching its objectives, Edogest relies on 5 Research Master’s programmes:
•    Master’s 4101 in Corporate Business Policies                         
•    Master’s 4102 in Marketing & Strategy
•    Master’s 4104 in Finance,
•    Master’s 4124 in Accounting & Audit
•    Master’s 4128 in E-Management: Concepts & Methods.
Edogest is also in a position to utilise the scientific competences of “Dauphine Recherche en Management” (DRM-CNRS-UMR 7088) and its four incorporated research centres:
•    Centre for Research in Management: DRM-CEREG
•    Centre for Research in Finance & Management: DRM-Crefige 
•    Centre for Research in Management & Organisation: DRM-Crepa 
•    Dauphine Marketing Strategy & Planning: DRM-DMSP.
The policy of Edogest focuses on very precise avenues of research.


Furthermore, over the past few years, the Paris-Dauphine Doctoral School of Management has sought to consolidate and develop its international policy by maintaining dynamic relations with other foreign universities.